Sarika and Sage - Nature Paints

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These nature-inspired paints are handmade using 100% natural food grade ingredients, making them perfect for children aged 1 and up. They come in 5 earthy-toned colours, including rust, mustard, brown/grey, maroon and olive hues, and are all vegan and free from gluten, egg and dairy.

Each paint is a powdered paint, so can be mixed to your desired consistency, and can make up to 1.5 litres of paint. It is recommended they are mixed with a 1:1 ratio using coconut water to avoid clumping.

Not just for painting, these paint sets can be used for other kinds of sensory play too, such as fairy potions and play dough. Let your children’s imaginations run free!

Please note: some colours may stain certain fabrics so it is a good idea to use protective clothing and proper coverage to prevent stains on clothes, carpets and floors.