Caramel and Vanilla and the Birthday Cake Mistake! - Jess Elford

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Two cows, a birthday cake and a BIG mistake!

Join Caramel and Vanilla and their human best friend, Maddy on a fun and heartwarming journey about cake and friendship (but it's mostly about cake). Learn with Caramel and Vanilla about how eating your best friend's cake can have some pretty difficult consequences but it's never too late to find a way to fix your mistakes. A beautifully illustrated story that the whole family will want to read again and again!


Jess Elford is an Illustrator and Artist (and cinnamon toast enthusiast!) from rural Queensland, Australia. Before graduating from the design program at the Queensland College of Art, Jess illustrated multiple children's books (her first when she was just 14 years old!). Jess is also an avid traveller and dream chaser and has worked in some really magical places (think castles and princesses!) in Florida, USA as well as at sea on cruise ships as a Disney crew member.