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7PM Linen

7PM LINEN - Queen Duvet Set Natural

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$340.00 AUD


Natural Stripe + Natural Duvet Set comes with reversible duvet cover and x2 pillowcase in Natural Stripe.

A neutral combination which will complement any décor.

QUEEN: 210 x 210cm / 82.67" x 82.67"

PILLOWCASE: 50 x 70cm / 19.5” x 27.5”

This beautiful piece is made from pure linen, making it a very durable yet soft option.

Made from fibers of the flax plant, linen is a highly breathable and heat-conductive fabric. In the winter, linen keeps you nice and warm because the fabric retains heat from your body. During the summer, however, linen cools you off because of the hollow natural properties of the flax fiber, which allows air to circulate freely and move around moisture that builds up. This makes it the perfect choice to sleep upon throughout each season.

Another beautiful benefit of linen is that it is famous for its antibacterial properties. Because it wicks moisture and dries out much faster than cotton, it doesn't let bacteria build up. This makes it safe and gentle on the skin. 

Headquartered in the Byron Bay area these linen pieces have been lovingly created by and made by 7PM Linen with longevity in mind. They provide a luxurious yet eco friendly and sustainable piece to add to your home to love and cherish for years to come.